Our Services – List

Engineering Professionals

We help you connect with the Nationally Recognised engineers who can assist you with planning and structural vetting for your patio or your home. This is the most crucial part of our service as we ensure that you get the best of the engineering without compromising quality, price and affordability.

Patio Kits

Combined with the expertise from the industry leaders, we promise to deliver high quality patios at your door step. We use accredited Engineers from the National Engineer Australia who draw up the structural plans for the Patio. These plans are then submitted to the Council for a permit. From start to finish, we get the job done.

PVC Picket Fence

Innovation for good products is a bonus in one’s life. It makes things around us easy. Just as this PVC Picket Fence. It’s made from recycled materials, has very low maintenance, looks great, doesn’t crack in Perth’s weather, doesn’t fade over time and most important of all, it looks great.

Our HEROZ can offer you great quality installation of the Picket Fence. Check out the testimonials left by our customers. Thrilling experience, amazing product and great decision to have brought this to Perth.


Whirly bird is a great addition to one’s home. It’s a cylindrical dome that is produced either in aluminium mill finish or colorbond. They come in varying sizes with the most common sizes being 200 mm and 300 mm. Standard home use is recommended to a 300mm size whirlybird. They are widely used among homes and the most common one being the non-mechanical wind driven whirlybird.

But do they really work? Absolutely yes. Whirlybird helps to regulate the roof temperature. It helps drive off hot air trapped inside the roof. Imagine a balloon with lot of air trapped inside. What happens if you pierce a needle? However, one must note that adequate vents must also be installed in the ceiling for proper air displacement. A house with 1-2 bedrooms would need 2 whirlybirds, for a 3 bedroom up to 4, and for a 4 bedroom, up to 5. The general rule of thumb is 1 whirlybird per room (for wind driven whirly bird).

Solar whirlybird (commonly referred to as sola tube) has a very different set up. It is 15 times more effective than wind driven whirlybird and uses solar energy to drive wind energy that in turns helps regulate the home temperature. Solar driven whirlybirds costs more than standard wind driven whirly bird and is more effective. A typical sola tube covers around 80m2 living space.

So how much would each of them cost? The beauty of modern world is you have plenty of product choice in the market. However, installing it correctly is an art and should not be compromised. Installers can charge you anywhere from $100 – $500 for a wind driven whirlybird depending on size (200 mm or 300 mm), type of roof and location of the task. A double story house will also affect the pricing. A sola tube on the other hand will cost you anywhere from $800 – $ 1500 depending on the type of roof, location of the job.

Trusted Heroz

What better way than to know we help you find quality and reliable workers. Yes, that’s correct. Our extensive reach of connection around helps us to get in touch with good workers who are readily available to offer their services at your door stop. In our world, we call them Heroz.

You will need to send us a message via our Contact Us page on this website. For app users, you can post the work on the to do platform and Heroz will place in their offer.

Faux Wall

A great way to transform your wall into your desired color, texture, graphic or art. FAUX Wall comes in various designs and profiles. FAUX derives its name from the French word faux, meaning fake. Fake not as in not good but a technique used in the construction industry to replicate materials such as marble, wood or PVC with paint, textures and coating. It comes in brick wall paneling, slate paneling, stone wall, etc.

Builder's Clean

We specialize in Post Renovation Cleaning Services, Construction cleaning services, and Neglected property cleaning so we understand the importance of removing the dust and debris after a renovation/construction is completed.

We have a database of service Heroz available who is fully prepared to work within your time constraints; our attention to detail and the ability to work beyond your expectations.

General Home Repairs and Maintenance

Our availability of trusted Heroz make it possible to extend our general home repairs service at your door step. Have a leaking roof, dirty gutters, or any issues at home, give us a ring. We will connect you with quality workers who never compromises on providing quality work.

Our general home repairs and maintenance includes all scope of work except electrical and plumbing works.