Humm is an online credit facility where you can access credit payments for your purchases. Humm offers credit facility in the form of little things or big things. Under small things you are eligible up to $2000 and under big things up to $30,000 in store. You can find more info on your eligibility and Humm cost calculator at

You will need to create a user with Humm and check with them if you are eligible.




These are the following details we need to qualify you for the in store approval:

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To be eligible for Special Approval process, you will need to qualify for the following:

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Please note, the Special Approval process is designed to assist our customers do not meet our criteria, but feel are worthy applicants for humm’s consideration, but only in special circumstances. Humm clarifies that this is not a guarantee that humm will approve them, merely a step to obtain a ‘possible’ approval status.