Exciting career

What is a career?

We are always in the hunt for reliable, enterprising, hard working and team players who not only has the required skills for the job but also has the potential to contribute to the larger interest of the Company. To “that you”, that you who is the team player, who has self confidence, who is not afraid to take risks, to that you who can do something for you, your family, this business and the society around us, we welcome you to apply for a position as our “Heroz Manager”.


What will you do?

As Heroz Manager you will look after the day to day affairs of the business, you will be responsible to ensure the assets, inventories and equipments of the office is in order and that things are going in the way that it’s supposed to be done.

You are not only reliable, but more so, you manage the team, you shed light to problems and you are an optimist, not a pessimist.


Is this you? Do you know some one? 

Then contact us today at [email protected] or fill up the form below.

Please describe yourself, your personality, your hobby. Also describe your work experience / trade qualifications.
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